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Discover why we are the ideal option for technology importers and distributors since 1989.

Welcome to over 30 years of experience.

Our history dates back to 1989 when we were born in Argentina as Elit, a company dedicated to supplying and distributing technological products. We have become market leaders with a clear objective: to meet the needs of customers throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our expansion.

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We now supply all of Latin America and the Caribbean with products from leading technology manufacturers.


Claudio Rattero

Founder and CEO of ELIT
Claudio Rattero

Discover Elit's solid trajectory throughout its history.

Marked by key milestones of growth and success.

  • 1989

    Foundation of Elit. We began selling supplies and PCs to end consumers in Argentina.

  • 1999

    We shifted our focus to enterprise clients.

  • 2008

    We became wholesalers of HP supplies.

  • 2011

    We expanded our product offerings and became a global technology wholesaler.

  • 2016

    We implemented our Business Intelligence software, which allows us to improve our business management.

  • 2021

    We achieved total coverage of 80% of cities throughout Argentina.

  • 2022

    We launched our new eCommerce, adaptable to all devices, fully self-manageable.

  • 2023

    We opened our warehouse in Miami and started our international operations.

We are direct partners of
leading technology manufacturers.

We are proud to offer a wide catalog of innovative products from the major technology brands available for your business throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

* Consult your account executive for the brands available in your country.

From our strategically located warehouse in El Doral (Florida)
directly to you.


With direct access to the most important airports and ports in the region, products from the world's leading technology brands are ready to be shipped to various destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Discover our self-manageable and secure webstore.

Enjoy personalized shopping and full traceability of operations from any device.

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Real experiences.

Testimonials and success stories from manufacturers and clients

  • Daniel VeasFabricante

    Daniel Veas

    Regional Manager

    My experience working with Elit has been exceptional. Their professionalism and proactive approach to the storage business and Crucial in the market are remarkable. We have been collaborating for 6 years, and their responsiveness, attention, and agility in providing solutions are impressive. Without a doubt, I would recommend their services to other clients. I highlight their deep knowledge, extensive coverage, and outstanding back office that facilitates business control and measurement. Additionally, the Elit team is highly professional and approachable, making them a valuable asset.

  • Gastón FinkelsteinManufacturer

    Gastón Finkelstein

    Manager SSA

    Elit, our distribution partner for the past 8 years, is a crucial element in the success of our international brand. Their market expertise, network of contacts, and operational excellence have been instrumental in our expansion. Their customer focus and dedication to meeting our needs make them a reliable and committed partner. We highly recommend their services for their competitive advantages and effective collaboration in the growth and reputation of our brand.

  • Federico FioriFabricante

    Federico Fiori

    Distribution Business Manager

    Collaborating with Elit has been an exceptional experience. They distribute our Intel product line throughout the country, working together to position and offer the latest innovations in all areas. Their commitment to the execution of joint strategies is a significant strength of their company.

  • Pablo ShestengeManufacturer

    Pablo Shestenge

    NAM Argentina

    Working with Elit has been essential for Logitech. They are our flagship distributors, committed to providing an exceptional business experience throughout the distribution chain. Their speed and ability to meet market needs make them the ideal partner for Logitech. I would definitely recommend their services for their support, responsiveness, attention, innovation, honesty, and professionalism.

  • Leandro FernandezManufacturer

    Leandro Fernandez

    Regional Manager
    Pantum International LTD

    My experience working with Elit has been excellent in all aspects: professionalism, efficiency in management, and business relationships. I have been collaborating with them for over 20 years from different positions. Their responsiveness and attention are professional, efficient, and focused on building long-term relationships. Undoubtedly, I would recommend their services as the top wholesale distributor. I highlight their flexibility, professionalism, resilience, and ability to reach where no one else can (reach and T2 development), the foundation of their successful business model.

  • Javier CappellettiClient

    Javier Cappelletti

    Managing Partner
    Cappelletti Informática

    Working with Elit has been a rewarding experience for over 13 years. Their responsiveness and attention to my needs are excellent, always ready to provide efficient solutions. I would definitely recommend their services to other clients because I trust their professionalism and commitment. What I highlight as advantages is their proximity to the customer; they always strive to understand our needs and offer personalized service. I'm proud to be part of this long-lasting and successful relationship with Elit.


  • Ezequiel PieriniClient

    Ezequiel Pierini

    Ciudad de Juegos

    Working with Elit over the past 10 years has been a very good experience. I highlight their responsiveness and attention to my needs; they have always been available and willing to help. I would definitely recommend their services to other clients. What I appreciate the most about the company is the excellent relationship I have with the salespeople, product managers, and managers. They have always provided me with a close and personalized treatment, which has strengthened our collaboration over the years. I am truly satisfied with my working experience with Elit.


  • Daniel SartoriClient

    Daniel Sartori

    Purchasing Manager
    Full H4rd

    My experience working with Elit has been very good. I have been working with them from the beginning, and I can highlight their responsiveness and attention to my needs, which is excellent. I would definitely recommend their services to other clients because I value their professionalism and customer-oriented approach. I consider these as important advantages and strengths of their company.


  • Jorge JeijiClient

    Jorge Jeiji

    Venex Argentina

    We have been working with Elit for 12 years, and I can say they are an excellent company. They are one of the most responsible, reliable, human, and supportive players in the industry. They have been true business partners for us. Their service is excellent, and they always have an outstanding responsiveness. Without a doubt, I would recommend them to everyone in the industry. We need more companies like Elit that are willing to work hand in hand.


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