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Payment Methods and Financing.

We offer you the option to make international bank transfers via SWIFT (for international collections) and ACH payments for transfers from banks in the United States.

You can enter your credit information and within 72 hours you will receive your qualification with us.
Elit Latam Corp only accepts payments made through bank transfer from an account in the customer's name.

Payments from third parties and checks will not be accepted.

Marketing & Digital Channels

At Elit, we have our own specialized marketing department that offers a wide range of services designed to boost the growth of each business. Our strategy and execution will help you achieve your business goals.

Training & Webinars

Enhance your skills and knowledge to increase the profitability of your business, thus boosting your results and generating greater profits.

Events & Networking

Connect more effectively with us and manufacturers, establishing strong relationships that will drive your business and provide you with growth opportunities.


We help manufacturers and customers gain greater visibility on digital platforms, advertising materials, and points of sale. This translates into greater brand exposure in your business and increased recognition in the market.


We use this effective tool to increase the visibility of each brand, generate interest, validate the brand, and positively influence the purchasing decision of end customers.
Evento Red Del Sol. Jun 2022

Evento Red Del Sol. Jun 2022


With over 2 million visits and 80% of sales made through our website, our webstore stands out as the most popular and fully self-managed in the market (1).

Welcome to our platform, where you'll find everything you're looking for in one place.

  • Responsive

    Access and operate smoothly from any device, be it mobile or desktop, enjoying a seamless and comfortable experience on our platform.

  • Online Shopping

    Total flexibility to buy anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Simplify your shopping experience with us.

  • Price List

    View online, download, and customize prices for all products or by category, adjusting your markup.

  • Order Status & History

    With detailed location information and a complete and detailed history so you're always aware of its progress.

  • Product Comparator

    You can compare features, prices, and photos of different items in one place.

  • Stock Alert

    We'll notify you immediately when products are available, ensuring you don't miss any purchase opportunities.

In addition, we'll send you automatic notifications via email and/or WhatsApp about the status of each order and transaction.

In our webstore, your security is our priority. We rigorously comply with all security regulations, ensuring you safe and protected browsing. Plus, we provide you with complete control over access to your account. Trust us for secure and personalized online management.

(1) Data from in 2022.
24/7 WhatsApp Inquiries

You can inquire about payments, orders, sales representative information, products, and your account status.
Whether you're anywhere in the world, you can communicate with us via WhatsApp and get real-time answers. Our AI-powered chatbot EliX is here to give you access to important information 24/7, 365 days a year.


Hello, I'm EliX. I'm always available to provide the support you need, no matter the time or day.

Business Intelligence

At Elit, we have a powerful combination of integrated technological tools that allow us to offer unique data intelligence in Latin America.


From our strategically located warehouse in El Doral (Florida)
directly to you.


With direct access to the most important airports and ports in the region, products from the world's leading technology brands are ready to be shipped to various destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

An Advisor Always with You.

As a customer, we assign an advisor who will be available to answer all your queries at all times, with the flexibility your business and your time require. Whether by email, WhatsApp, or phone, they'll always be by your side immediately.

To contact your Sales Manager: